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Please read each question and select your answer from the choices provided. You must complete all of the questions in order to view your results. At the end of each exam, you have the option to e-mail your results to your instructor.

1:  How many arteries and veins does the umbilical cord contain?
A: Two arteries, one vein
B: One artery, one vein
C: One artery, two veins
D: Two arteries, two veins

2:  Once the amniotic sac has ruptured, how long does the fetus have until it must be delivered?
A: Five minutes
B: One hour
C: 12 hours
D: 24 hours

3:  You are assessing a female patient who is 24 weeks gestation. She does not have a history of hypertension or diabetes. However, her blood pressure reading is 144/92 mm Hg and her blood glucose reading is 91 mg/dL. What medical condition would you suspect this patient has?
A: Myoclonus
B: Preeclampsia
C: Eclampsia
D: Gestational diabetes

4:  A pregnant female who has a seizure, but has no history of seizures suffers from:
A: status epilepticus.
B: epilepsy.
C: preeclampsia.
D: eclampsia.

5:  You are transporting a female patient who was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Your patient is 32 weeks pregnant and is in full spinal immobilization. Your patient does not have any major injuries or complaints. En route to the emergency department your patient becomes hypotensive. As an EMT-I your next step is to:
A: place the patient in trendelenburg position.
B: administer a 20 mL/kg fluid bolus IV.
C: place the patient on her left side
D: administer 25g of dextrose 50% IV.

6:  What would an EMT-I suspect with a pregnant female who has a blood glucose reading of 82 mg/dL?
A: Gestational diabetes
B: Hypoglycemia
C: Hyperglycemia
D: Normoglycemia

7:  You are assessing a patient in the late stages of pregnancy. She is complaining of a severe tearing sensation in her abdomen and has dark venous blood leaking from the vagina. As an EMT-I, you would suspect:
A: spontaneous abortion.
B: abruptio placentae.
C: ectopic pregnancy.
D: placenta previa.

8:  The second stage of labor begins and ends at what point?
A: Full cervical effacement and dilation until the baby is delivered
B: The delivery of the baby until the delivery of the placenta
C: Onset of contractions until the cervix is fully effaced and dilated
D: Onset of contractions until the baby is delivered

9:  Your assessment of a pregnant female reveals the amniotic fluid is black and tarry with a strong odor. As an EMT-I you should first suspect:
A: abruptio placentae.
B: meconium.
C: uterine rupture.
D: placenta previa.

10:  When the infant's head emerges from the birth canal, the EMT-I should first:
A: make sure the infant's neck is in a neutral position.
B: suction fluid from the infant's nose.
C: gently guide the head down slightly.
D: suction fluid from the infant's mouth.

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