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EMT-I Interactivities
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Chapter Title
1 Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
2 The Well-Being of the EMT-I
3 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
5 The Human Body
6 Pharmacology
9 Airway Management and Ventilation
10 Patient Assessment
11 Communications and Documentation
12 Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury
13 Hemorrhage and Shock
14 Burns and Soft-Tissue Injuries
15 Thoracic Trauma
16 Abdomen and Genitalia Injuries
17 Head and Spine Injuries
19 Respiratory Emergencies
20 Cardiovascular Emergencies
22 Allergic Reactions and Envenomations
23 Poisonings and Overdose Emergencies
25 Nontraumatic Abdominal Emergencies
26 Environmental Emergencies
27 Behavioral Emergencies
31 Pediatric Emergencies
33 Ambulance Operations
34 Lifting and Moving
35 Gaining Access
39 BLS Review

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